Oil Pulling with my favorite essential oils

Oil Pulling….You are doing this, right?  Well, I wasn’t.  I had always read about it and frankly, I knew it was good for me….but well, you know how that goes. What made me start?  My sweet Dad came to me and said his dentist warned him he better start flossing, but he confided that he wasn’t going to.  You see he is no good at flossing and can’t seem to make himself do it.  Sound familiar?  Well, I suggested he try oil pulling.  He had never heard of it, so I explained the concept and suggested he add some of his Thieves essential oil into the mix too.  He found this much easier to do than flossing and easily added it to his morning routine.  Six months later, the dentist was impressed!  She told him to keep doing whatever he was doing and that his teeth and gums looked so much healthier!  When he told me this, I had to ask myself why I wasn’t oil pulling.  This definitely motivated me to start and I am so happy I did! My teeth and gums feel amazing!  I also like to experiment with adding different essential oils to my mix.  My favorite combination so far is tea tree, clove and orange.  According to my dentist, clove is a great choice if you have any tooth sensitivity. And the orange essential oil is touted as a natural teeth whitener.  Other oils to try include thieves, cinnamon, myrrh, lemon, peppermint, and spearmint to name a few.

And don’t worry if you can’t do the full suggested 20 minutes in the beginning.  Just do what you can and work up by adding a minute or two each day.  It is suggested you do your pulling first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, but if you can’t make that happen don’t let it deter you!  There are still many benefits to doing it during the day.  And remember, when you are done spit in the trash, not the sink.  Share what essential oils you like to add to your oil pulling regime and why!

A quick video of my oil pulling tips